Awlady Orphanage aims to provide a home for the children, with emphasis o­n education and vocational training to ensure that they become productive members of society.

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The main source of funding is private donations and contributions and the sponsoring of individual children (kafala). It is this much-needed active participation that has allowed for many of the orphanage's achievements and is essential to the orphanage's ability to continue to care for its children.

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Donate in EGP through the following bank accounts:
NSGB (Maadi branch) 20319811772
NSGB (Maadi branch) 20319812050 (to donate to the boy's building)
EDBE (Zamalek branch) 2020007604601017
Banque Misr (Maadi branch) 12700150102

To donate in U.S. dollars:
NSGB (Maadi branch) 20319811773


Awlady programs

Auxiliary classes to reinforce the public education.
Basic computer training.
Vocational training i.e. sewing, knitting, carpet weaving, basket weaving

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